Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Girly Pinewood Derby

Here is a pinewood derby car I thought you'd enjoy seeing.  I thought my Daughter did a great job with it.  Rub-ons make life easy.  Also, I am inspired lately by this and am thinking of recreating one of my own.

summer treat

This was one of the last pictures taken with the old camera.  We found a kid's treat idea website that showed us how to make these simple, fun watermelons.  They are made from; sliced up limes with the centers cut out, red jello (preferably watermelon flavor), and chocolate chips for the seeds.  The kids thought it was so fun creating these mini watermelons!


There has been a lot of inspiration going on around here lately.  Thank goodness.  I was wondering what was up with myself before the inspiration came.  Part of it was that my camera was broken.  Now we have a new one.  I bought my husband a camera for his birthday and then he went back to the store for the one he really wanted.