Monday, January 31, 2011


The mermaiden was made from a pattern in this book. I helped my daughter make it. We used some of the velvet left over from the Jedi cape. It is pretty, though I would Never try that again!! It was very difficult and if I make another one of these, it will be out of corduroy for the hair. Still she looks so pretty on this shelf. We are happy with the way she turned out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Historical poster

This poster was for a historical backdrop at my daughter's school. She wanted some help with it. I may have done too much. The teacher called it 'my' poster when she complimented me on it.

American girl doll Jeans pattern!

Jeans! You heard me right. I was giddy when I found out that there was a pattern out to make jeans for the dolls. I made the tee shirts too.

American girl doll patterns!

It has been exciting lately finding two very good sources for patterns for AG dolls! Here are some of the clothes I have made so far.

This was my first project for the AG dolls. I know what you're thinking... wasn't it difficult sewing small clothes out of satin? Yes, it was a little tricky, though I love attention to detail and this Tangled dress was all about detail. This dress was made with the Josephina Christmas dress pattern found here. Though I modified it.

I was thinking of buying Nellie's PJs, but then I decided to try making them.
It cost me under three dollars to make these!!
This skirt was super easy. It is actually the bottom of a pair of gap pants. The lace shirt was fun to sew. I did not make the boots. The shirt was made with Liberty Jane's free Tee shirt pattern.I helped my daughter make this apron. It couldn't be easier. It is cut out and glued together. I did not make the clothes that appear with this apron.

Another flower pincushion

This was made for my sister. Are you sick of seeing these yet? I'm not! I love how the different patterns of fabric change the pattern so much!

A Jedi Cape

A velvet Jedi cape. Rich, soft, chocolate colored velvet. I fell in love with this fabric. On a hope and with prayer I was able to figure this thing out. My Grandma helped immensely by telling me from the start that I needed to sew this with a ballpoint needle. It made all the difference. Oh, and I should let you know. I didn't use a pattern. I measured one of his tee shirts and made it up as I went along. The sleeve was too big at first and turned out gathered like a girls shirt, so I unpicked that, which was work and sewed the sleeve up so the hole would be smaller. Anyway, I am so happy with it. I wish he wore it more. I think I sewed this at the end of his Star Wars phase. Maybe if I get a hold of the movies he'll wear it more. I somehow imagined him loving it so much that he would wear it every time he was curled up with a book. The dreams of a mother... oh well.

A simple cake

I saw it once and tried it. Now I am seeing these more and more. It is fun to see the delicate banner above a cake.