Friday, December 21, 2007

R.G.'s problem

I refuse to go out.  Yep, that’s right I refuse.  Have you seen those lines?  Have you seen those parking lots?  No, thanks!  I am staying right here… enjoying things here.

My boy has been asking for some things to go with his R. G. doll, (His name was supposed to be Archie, oh well, it's his doll).  I went out and bought this cute fabric that I’ve had my eye on.  I began making a quilted sleeping bag.  Well, then the doll's arms ripped, both of them!  He thought they could be fixed by the time he went to bed.  No, no this is going to be surgery!  I will have to unstitch his sides and then make new arms to sew in.

Oh, also Merry Christmas and happy eating from our Candy village.  

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