Friday, January 11, 2008


This is a color pencil drawing I did this summer.  I put my mark on this photo with Photoshop Elements. I didn't come up with the original design.  It was an  illustrator's.    I modified it and then did my own color scheme.  Looking at the other pic now, they look pretty different.  
What would I do with out my Prisma colors?  (My colored pencils that have almost every color I could think of, {almost}.)


littlegreen said...

plus - prisma colored pencils blend so beautifully!!! love them!

Vickie said...

Prismacolors are my favorites. My sons gave me the 136 pencil set for Christmas. It has a bunch of new colors. Please come check out some of my color pencil art on my blog. My favorite prisma "color" is the colorless blender. It makes the already rich colors even more vibrant.