Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sew sad, Sew happy!

   My sewing machine was dropped!  Luckily I married Mr. Fixit!  
It all started two nights ago when I realized it's been weeks since I sewed something!  I asked my husband to go get my machine from downstairs.  He went and then I heard the crash.  We found out that the cover was not completely on and it landed directly on his foot!  The Poor Man!  He can still walk on his foot, so we are grateful, but I felt so badly for him, that I will carry it up the stairs myself for a while.  I tried sewing with it and it just wasn't the same, we knew it needed fixing.
   Sooo...Last night, with a brusied foot, my sweet husband fixed my sewing machine and he now has a very happy wife!
My sewing machine has always been so good to me.  I got her from my parents after I sewed a lap quilt by hand!  I guess they knew then I was serious.  ;0)  
   I have some plans coming up for easter.  I am currently working on this.  I might even make a few of these dolls.

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Bethany Kartchner said...

Poor machine! So glad that she's back to her old self! Have fun with all your projects!