Monday, April 14, 2008

Archie and a bag

Do you ever feel badly when you spend time on the computer, thinking to yourself, "I should be doing something more productive."  (If you didn't know, my dad is a huge multi-tasker, and it has rubbed off!)
Well, I have some laundry going and bread rising, so I can now sit down and write.  

Upon finding Archie, my boy came to me and said, "Mom, you really need to sew Archie's arms."  I even posted about how I intended to fix them.  Well, he persisted throughout that day and I finally agreed to sew them that very night.  I also finished the sleeping bag for him.  My girl also sewed a pillow and pillow case for him.  Now my boy is in heaven!  He already took him camping in the front room.

Also, I used the Hobby Lobby fabric to make myself a bag for church.  This was so needed!  If it wasn't I wouldn't have made it because I struggle making anything for myself.  I love having this bag though! 


Phillip & Deneigh said...

Girl you whipped that out so fast! You are super talented! I love it! The colors turned out awesome! Thanks for doing lunch with me and I'm in love with all the fabric I got when we went to Hobby Lobby!

Kazilar said...
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Shanne said...

That bag is REALLY, REALLY cute! Way to go!